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Clients are happier trick Sheffield Moore Communications Group Execution of projects. David Congreave Paypershop Ltd We been lot more productive as whole. Team JAS participants Estela Ybarra . Wonderland Walkers participant Jolene Salazar [...]

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Documenting this communication cuts down phone calls keeping up with email and avoids trying to commit conversation strictly memory el Davis Cross Crown my colleagues over the world has become easier. We BeLUNG Together participants Joanna Wissmann [...]

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CPS CHOCaholics participants Ashley Anaya Estrada . G. And it s easy for new members to jump in contribute because they have access all of historical work threaded Lloyd Winshuttle We same page Folks much better idea who doing what when needs done etc. So in short better effective communication and situational awareness of the entire team project Bernardino NIIT We generated lot less email [...]

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It serves as terrific communication tool among our team and clients. Wanda Whipkey American Elite My team is much more organized now effectively communicate any progress challenges we Carrillo Chromatin Inc our communications were spread over email random google docs. participants Nicole Carreon [...]

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Previously that involved using lot of other apps ris Redd UAEM Less tasks get forgotten overlooked. If it is an important document posted. The Futuristic Kats participant Maribel Hernandez [...]

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Julia Kuziomko Relyco Sales Inc. teamNelly participant Ana Bucio . Angie Ross Spellbound Creative Flow of communication and keep tabs work. All one off requests are added to an overarching project that we create annual basis [...]

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Seacrest Studios participant Bryan Mundia . The mobile capability allows you to make edits on go which is really important for busy folks iyah Kurtz Asiyah We are able move more quickly action items because can easily see Perdue Heart of Lebanon Inc [...]

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HD Supply White Cap participants John Edily . Team BEaston participants Brittney AquinoJohnathon Gaouette . Rachel Greer Cascadia Seller Solutions Less time spent Aronson Legends Baseball COMUNICATION KEEPING PEOPLE THAT ARE THE FIELD KNOW WHATS HAPPENING OFFICE OR GET INFORMATION QUICKER FROM TO ROL DEL RIO STONE Better collaboration between dispersed teams [...]

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The new automatic checkins feature Basecamp rocks got lots of interesting feedbacks from team members like how they spend their weekend and it makes know each others more than before have remote . Henrik Nordborg HSR It makes responding more organized and interactive. Corona Regional ER participants Kelcie Garcia . Anatoly Burov We are able collaborate efficiently on projects. HPI Architecture for Justin participants Lyn Padilla [...]

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Logan s Hearts participants Marsha Hansen . Now we do ris Sears Brigham Young University OIT replaced email and chats for tracking issues our software improved communications between Carrasco Bambu Code all more aware the status each project tthew Cordes DVIRC Collecting communicating design feedback from people different roles isto Kanchev Profitero have offices across country contributing same projects. Moms Who Disney Hard participant Becky BarajasBatham [...]

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I also like having files one common place per project we don have to constantly resend items nnifer Cross TwoTone Creative Communication between all of us is more Leare Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Fewer and shorter meetings. We have central place te Klaiber Device Independent LLC Just being able to track where are with each project and having centralized location for all Jones USAble Life m so glad that Basecamp has minimized my hunt through old emails remember what was asked of . Everyone is the same page and knows information point time. Therefore Basecamp makes my life easier [...]

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Team Lorelai participants Kristin PippertBrett . The M Squad participants Jacob Miller . Pacific Enterprise Bank participants Leslie Craven . Residence Inn Irvine Spectrum participants Elizabeth Labata [...]